Compression Trash Bin

A couple years ago, a client requested us to design a compression-type trashbin. He brought us a competitor sample for reference; That sample was pretty…well, out of this world. Made of 18 parts, the product required 10 different molds and 7 assembly steps. Not to mention a high price and no attention whatsoever to design! A product that doesn’t make any sense at all…who actually uses that kind of stuff?! Our client’s answer was pretty simple: “Young couples that throw away a lot of diapers! - Ha, that’s pretty interesting! The design direction was pretty obvious: get rid of all the obnoxious stuff! Starting by all the unnecessary pieces and empty space, let’s make this product cool and fun to use! *When doing product design, reducing the number of pieces and production steps is of most importance. Because low production costs means low retail price, and better customer satisfaction! Our trashbin was also selected by The Korean Federation of Design Associations to be part of “The Best Design 100 Collection and received the director's prize!

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