Origin Water
725 Water Purifier

중국 벽수원(Origin Water)의 개인용 정수기겸 핫포트. 중국의 차문화를 고려한 개인 정수기 겸 핫포트 디자인의 과제였는데 개인 제품이고 놓여지는 장소가 주로 책상 위등 협소한 공간이어서 제품사이즈는 크지 않아야 했으며 포트는 큰 용량이 필요했다. 제품가격 또한 제약이 있어서 원가를 올리는 부분의 디자인은 배제되었다. 그러나 벽수원의 아이덴티티인 원을 주제로 화이트와 그레이를 주배색으로 심플하게 조형이된 디자인이다.

China Personal Water Purifier and Hot Port of Origin Water. It was a task of designing a personal water purifier and hot port considering the tea culture of China. It was a personal product, and the place to be laid was mainly a desk space, so the product size should not be large and the port needed a large capacity. The price of the product was also limited, so the design of the part that raised the cost was excluded. However, it is the design which became simple molding by the main color scheme of white and gray on the theme of the circle which is the identity of Origin Water.

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